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3 Tips for Welding Safely in the Workplace

steel suppliersAs one of the top steel-producing countries, the United States employs over 142,000 people in steel manufacturing. With that many people working in the steel manufacturing field, methods of producing and using steel have changed significantly over time. But one thing that hasn’t changed? The importance of welding safety. Whether you work with steel suppliers or are working on a construction project, safety should always be a primary focus when handling steel. Here are a few tips to refresh your welding safety knowledge.

Wear the appropriate gear: When you’re welding, you should essentially have no bare skin showing. Even a sliver of exposed skin can be susceptible to painful effects from ultraviolet and infrared rays, as well as flying sparks. So don’t wear shorts, short-sleeve shirts, or open-toed shoes. Additionally, button pockets and shirt collars to prevent them from catching flying sparks. Safety gear today is lightweight and easy to use — so there’s no excuse to not wear the right gear. Gloves and welding helmets should always be worn, even for a quick touch up. It’s important to remember that it only takes a quick moment of exposure to rays or sparks to sustain damage or injury.

Have proper ventilation: Anyone who works with steel should understand the importance of proper ventilation. Whether you work for a cold formed sheet piling company or own your own construction business, sufficient ventilation should be provided. With a lack of ventilation, the fumes and gases from welding can cause significant harm to those in the area. So always make sure welding is not completed in a confined space or in an area that has objects that obstruct ventilation. Ventilation is required not only to abide by safety regulations, but to provide a safe area for steel suppliers, welders, and anyone else working with steel to work.

Use the right tools: By using the right tools, like feeders and fixturing, welders can ensure they’re doing their job as safely as possible. And along the lines of using the right tools, any tools that aren’t being used should be put away. Clutter can quickly cause problems if it gets in the way of welding, so make sure everything is put away properly. Additionally, using the right equipment can help reduce the risk of injury, especially repetitive stress injuries. By using the best equipment for the job, you can ensure you’re treating your body as well as you’re treating the job at hand.

Anyone who works with steel — like steel suppliers and welders — should always make safety a primary concern in the workplace. In following these tips, you can ensure you and those around you are getting the job done efficiently and safely.

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JD Fields Construction Group

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