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4 Reasons to Use Steel Sheet Piling

Steel sheet piling is one of the most reliable materials for a retaining wall. Carbon steel is incredibly strong, with a tensile strength of 580 megapascals (Mpa) and a yield strength of 260 Mpa. There are many benefits to using steel sheet piling for earth retention applications. Here are four reasons you might consider using steel sheet piles on your next job.


Shoring sheet pile walls can be used for a temporary or permanent earth support system. Sheet piles can be used for parking garages, building bulkhead retaining systems, and fortifying basements. With a wide variety of applications, shoring sheet pile walls can be used almost everywhere strength is needed. Steel sheet piles can also be installed a variety of ways in a variety of soils.


Steel is one of the easiest and most available materials to access. The United States produced up to 82 million metric tons of steel in 2017 alone. If you prefer to work with American-made materials, you can trust that American steel is reliable. Over 142,000 people are employed in the U.S. steel industry, which is one of the top steel-producing industries worldwide. Reports from February 2018 stated that the capacity utilization rate of American raw steel was just over 75%. This means that around 75% of the American steel that’s made is actually used.


Shoring sheet pile walls are one of the most sustainable options for earth retention applications because they are often made of recycled steel. The steel structural pipe piling can be used again if needed. Unlike cold rolled sheet piling, which is less expensive, shoring steel pile walls are more water-resistant — which comes in handy when building marine structures. The only downside is that they run the risk of corrosion in highly corrosive environments, so corrosion protection is often a good idea.


Shoring sheet pile walls are used often to retain groundwater or keep groundwater from running its course. These sheet piles are designed to reach below the water table to prevent groundwater from finding an opportunity to slip through. It’s recommended to give the shoring sheet pile walls some additional support with underpinning or anchors to prevent settlement which can result in groundwater seepage. The most important thing is making sure the retaining wall has the support it needs to keep pressure evenly distributed and away from the danger of collapse.

With these benefits in mind, you’ll have every reason to use this material in a variety of applications. To learn more, please contact us today.


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