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Advantages of Steel

As the construction industry becomes more advanced and fast-paced, companies look to a more innovative way to construct more freely and more cost-effectively. One of the great ways to do that is to use steel.

Steel Construction Takes The Lead in the Industry

Steel is durable, adaptable, and beautiful.  Essentially, these qualities make it the perfect material to use as a construction material.  However, there are some advantages that are exclusive to steel construction. Here are some of them:

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Steel is a beautiful building material, making it a prime choice for construction.  You can leave steel uncovered and still have a stunning design.  This gives designers freedom to create wide, open spaces, with exposed structural features.

Malleable..but Not Too Malleable

Amazingly enough, steel is both flexible and strong.  What this means is that steel can be rolled, cut, or shaped, but it doesn’t buckle, bend or break.  This makes it a great material for construction.

Not Affected by the Weather

If you manage a small team and you have a short a deadline, steel is a great choice. Changes in the weather, like rain or snow, won’t slow you down. Over the long-term, steel will remain unaffected by the weather, making repairs unlikely.  It can withstand the most extreme weather conditions.


It is lighter than lumber, so you’re reducing the cost of labor and machinery. No more idle periods for your construction team because the process is shorter and less labor intensive.  The fact that it’s easy to transport reduces fuel costs and makes for quicker production.

Why do you use steel in your construction projects?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



JD Fields Construction Group

JD Fields Construction Group

Prior to founding J D Fields & Company, Jerry Fields gained decades of experience in construction products and piling applications managing equipment rentals, material sales, and product operations. Coupled with his oil and gas experience, Jerry built a rock solid foundation of industry knowledge and relationships that allowed him and his partners to start the company in 1985. Incorporated in Houston, Texas, JDF quickly diversified into multiple construction markets and applications. Today, it is a premiere international source for natural gas pipe and piling products. Strategically positioned at the Port of Houston corridor, our flagship stocking facility has 40 acres of laydown area with steel processing and fabrication capabilities. We carry more than 50,000 tons of pipe and piling inventory throughout the states to serve North America, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and other international markets.

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