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All About Deep Foundations

In our line of work, especially when supplying H Piling, we supply to companies who build deep foundations.  But what are deep foundations?  This interesting process can be outlined simply for those not in the know.

H Piling is the Material of Choice for Deep Foundations

A deep foundation transfers building loads to the earth, much like a traditional foundation.  However, a deep foundation goes much deeper, and even works with layers and depth ranges.  Engineers choose a deep foundation for a number of reasons.  Tall structures, heavy design loads, low quality of soil at the shallower depths, or property line restrictions are all popular reasons.


There are many types of deep foundations, including the following:


Hollow substructures which create storage space below ground level.  Usually, this is designed to be a functional asset.

Buoyancy Rafts

These provide a buoyant or semi-buoyant substructure.  Under that substructure, the net loading on the soil is then reduced due to the buoyancy raft.


Hollow substructures located constructed near the surface and then lowered into the ground to the level desired.


Smaller caissons, with just a single tube.

Shaft Foundations

These are designed within the ground.  The excavation is made and supported by lining then filled with concrete.

Pile Foundations

These are constructed by driving units to the level needed, or by drilling tubes in to the required depth.  The tubes are filled with concrete before or during the withdrawal process.

H-piling is often used in deep foundations due to the strength of the material.  It provides great driving characteristics in difficult soils.  H Piles are used in pile foundations, marine structures, and Soldier Beam and Secant Pile Walls.  They have various uses and are a trusted material when it comes to structural work.

Creating the right foundation is the key to success for any heavy-duty project.  Deep foundations provide that bit of extra security and support necessary in the circumstances mentioned above.  If you have a large construction project which requires a deep foundation, you can trust our products to help make your project a success.





JD Fields Construction Group

JD Fields Construction Group

Prior to founding J D Fields & Company, Jerry Fields gained decades of experience in construction products and piling applications managing equipment rentals, material sales, and product operations. Coupled with his oil and gas experience, Jerry built a rock solid foundation of industry knowledge and relationships that allowed him and his partners to start the company in 1985. Incorporated in Houston, Texas, JDF quickly diversified into multiple construction markets and applications. Today, it is a premiere international source for natural gas pipe and piling products. Strategically positioned at the Port of Houston corridor, our flagship stocking facility has 40 acres of laydown area with steel processing and fabrication capabilities. We carry more than 50,000 tons of pipe and piling inventory throughout the states to serve North America, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and other international markets.

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