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American Division of TMK Receiving Boost From August AD & CD Rulings

The American division of TMK – the largest manufacture and exporter of steel pipe in Russia – is expected to benefit from the United States International Trade Commission’s ruling declared in August to implement anti-dumping and countervailing duties on nine countries that import pipe products. TMK stated in a report that this ruling “is expected to contribute to more fair competition in the US market, better pricing environment, and improved performance of TMK’s American division.”

The manufacturer’s operations in America have seen an increase over a measured, nine month period in 2014. During that time, the company shipped 900,000 mt of tubular steel products, an increase of 6.1%. TMK also saw a boost in their seamless pipe shipments, which were 17.9% higher, as well as a surge in OCTG products which increased by 19.9% from the previous year. According to TMK, these jumps can also be contributed to an ongoing escalation of drilling and development throughout North America.



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