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API Launches Community Engagement Standards

The American Petroleum Institute is working hard to smoothly introduce the energy industry to areas ripe for energy development. Through a recently released set of standards, API intends to guide engagement between the industry and these communities. As an API line pipe distributor, JD Fields supports these efforts.

API's new community standards are observed by JD Fields

As the exploration of natural resources available domestically has spread, oil and natural gas companies are finding themselves in new territory. API is looking to get a jump start on communicating with, and educating the populations within these areas. These Community Engagement Standards will address environmental best practices, congestion caused by large trucks, steel pipe disposal, and restoration of sites upon exit, among other topics.

API also suggests establishing relationships with local leaders and officials, in addition to working with local first responders. In this way, residents who may be opposed to, or have preconceived notions regarding the energy industry, can gain a better understanding on domestic energy development, as well as line pipe suppliers.



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