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Argentina Sues Companies for Oil-Drilling Off Falkland Islands

Back in April, the Argentinian government made the decision to take legal action against several companies drilling for oil near the Falkland Islands. This dispute is just the latest between Britain and Argentina over the remote archipelago.

Argentina is suing three British companies, including Rockhopper Exploration, Premier Oil and Falkland Oil, as well as two American companies, Nobel Energy and Edison International, regarding the matter. The claim was filed in the south region of the country in the Tierra del Fuego province and alleges the drilling being done in proximity to the island is unlawful. The country lays claim to the islands even though the British reasserted its rule over the chain on islands in 1833.

Britain has responded to Argentinian government’s claim of illegally entering their territory, calling the acts by the Spanish country along the lines of extreme bullying. Analysts are also foreshadowing a loss to Argentina if they take the matter to court since they have no jurisdiction regarding the islands, which are actually referred to as the Malvinas by the people of Argentina.

Since the claim was filed, British oil drilling companies have discovered new oil in the waters surrounding the Falkland Islands – adding even more tension to the situation.



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