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the Saddlehorn pipeline will deliver crude oil from the niobrara play

Saddlehorn Oil Pipeline Moving Forward

The planned Saddlehorn pipeline, running between the Niobrara play and Oklahoma, is a "go" according to Magellan Midstream. This announcement comes on the heels of commitments made by subsidies of Anadarko Petroleum and Noble Energy. The proposed line will carry various qualities of crude oil from Northeast Colorado straight to Magellan's facilities in Cushing.

jd fields forecasts onshore pipeline demand through 2015

Onshore Pipe Projections Positive Through 2015

In the wake of the downturn in developed economies across the world in 2012, demand for energy infrastructure as well as available credit lines both took a negative hit. However, at least one recent projection pegs both of these as rising, and continuing to do so throughout the next year.

as temperatures drop, natural gas consumption rises across US

Natural Gas The Fuel Of Choice In Colder Regions

Just as temperatures are beginning to drop across the country, natural gas consumption is on the rise. However, the trend does not extend to all regions. Rather, it is centered most notably in the coldest parts of the country, namely the Midwest and Northeast.

OCTG Line Pipe Distributors feeling affects of foreign steel decision

Some US OCTG Line Pipe Distributors In Tough Position

In a trend that has affected more than one OCTG line pipe distributor, domestic mills are either charging a premium on their goods, or just flat out refusing to sell outside their current circle of contacts. In the past, this practice has forced distributors to buy abroad. However, this has become a much tougher proposition since the recent trade ruling.

jd fields reports north dakota's natural gas flare problems

North Dakota’s Natural Gas Problem

Currently, nearly 1/3 of the natural gas produced from oil-drilling projects in North Dakota is flared. In response to the state's increased oil production in recent years, and subsequent increase in burn-off, the North Dakota Industrial Commission (NDIC) has put goals into place in order to decrease the amount of flared gas in the coming months and years.

new oil pipeline announcements from JD Fields

New Oil Pipeline Project Announcements

JD Fields is proud to announce multiple new projects either breaking ground or in the final stages of completion. Our clients are always busy, and we're honored to supply such innovative and exciting developments!

Steel Pipe and Sheet Piling suppliers, JD Fields

JD Fields Receives Verdict In Breach Of Contract Suit

In April of 2013, JD Fields filed a petition citing a breach of contract by T & R Pipeline Services, Inc. The dispute arose after the defendant received an order of steel pipe, but did not fully compensate JD Fields as a supplier.

Canada Taking OCTG Dumping Seriously

In a move mirroring that made by the U.S., Canada's International Trade Tribunal recently began looking into the dumping of various Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) by the same countries recently taken to task by the United States.

ssab americas increase lead times on plate mill products

Lead Times For SSAB Plate Mills Increase

A spokesperson for SSAB Americas confirmed what the company is referring to as a planned maintenance outage running from late October into early November. End markets such as the energy and transportation industries have contributed to the increase in lead times in the domestic market.

psl1 vs psl2 differences on jd fields blog

PSL1 Vs. PSL2 Differences

The American Petroleum Institute (API) designates different specifications on selling line pipe. The two specs under API 5L are PSL-1 and PSL-2. These specs cover seamless and welded steel line pipe from grades X42 through X80.

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