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truck driver shortage and its affect on the steel industry

Truckers Wanted

According to estimates, there are currently 30,000 less truck drivers available than shipping companies need. This shortage of laborers could lead to increased costs across many industries.

API's new community standards are observed by JD Fields

API Launches Community Engagement Standards

The American Petroleum Institute is working hard to smoothly introduce the energy industry to areas ripe for energy development. Through a recently released set of standards, API intends to guide engagement between the industry and these communities.

jd fields supplies hot rolled coil steel to national clients

Hot Rolled Coil Steel Prices Update

HRC steel is used to construct shipping containers, automotive wheels, steel racks, oil and gas pipeline, and more. Because of hot rolled steel’s many uses, a recent increase in price has caused some concern.

OCTG trade case penalizes S. Korean steel

OCTG Trade Case

To most outsiders, “OCTG” probably means very little. However, those 4 letters represent a highly debated topic that has taken the energy and steel industries by storm.

Steel sheet piling in dike building

Flood protection, Steel sheet piling in dike building

Steel sheet piling in dike building. Safety and cost-efficiency combined. For decades, steel sheet piling has been the classic solution for flood protection. These proven products can be used as permanent or temporary system and allow a situation-specific response to flood risks.

Earth Retention Steel Sheet Piling

Steel Sheet Piling Wall Comparision – Earth retention (Case Study)

Time and money – the two factors that drive most business decisions. You can find a retaining wall system that delivers on both fronts, and results in a strong and permanent retaining solution. A recent comparison study concludes that hot-rolled steel sheet piling can provide the fastest construction time as well as signifi- cant cost savings over competing wall systems.


Underground Corrosion of Steel Piling

The papers describe corrosion of various types of steel piling exposed underground in the United States under climatic conditions ranging from semi-tropical to frigid.

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