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Canada Taking OCTG Dumping Seriously

In a move mirroring that made by the U.S., Canada’s International Trade Tribunal recently began looking into the dumping of various Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) by the same countries recently taken to task by the United States.

The Tribunal’s inquiries will focus on determining whether there has been significant negative impact on their national steel manufacturers. Back at home, a decision was reached back in July by the U.S. Department of Commerce, that resulted in tariffs being levied against offending countries. The case revolved around the dumping of cheap and subsidized steel supplies into the domestic market. Proponents argued that these supplies were detrimental to U.S.-based manufacturers who could not compete with the aggressive pricing.

As a result of the DOC’s decision, additional taxes were placed on imported OCTG supplies from nine countries, including South Korea. Korea is also a subject in Canada’s investigation, along with India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam. Injury determination is projected to become public on September 19th of this year.



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