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Did You Know This About Steel?

Steel is universally useful. It’s one of the most commonly used metals in the world because of it’s many qualities, such as strength, malleability, and endurance.  You may not realize how much steel affects the world around you.

Check Out These Many Amazing Uses of Steel

Here are some of the amazing things you probably didn’t know about the uses of steel.

Steel is Used to Make Transport Vehicles

If you wanted to be home for the holidays this year, you probably benefitted by steel.  Whatever mode of transportation you used — from driving your car or taking the train to booking a flight or boarding a ship, steel has played an essential role in its manufacturing process.

Steel is a great option to use for transportation vehicles because it’s a strong metal that can endure the elements even if it was exposed for a long period of time — making a durable vehicle that’s able to bring many people home for the Holidays. On your way home today, remember that steel has made your trip a little easier and safer.

Steel Is Used in Most Buildings

For people who live in condos or spend time in grand hotels, you must know that steel is part of the building that you spend your time in. Most, if not all, skyscrapers and commercial buildings are made with steel frames that hold the building up and makes sure it’s walls, floors and ceilings stay in place.

They’re far safer and stronger than the wooden frames that came before them. Steel has paved way for more ambitious and large-scale structures to be built. Even residential homes are slowly switching to using steel as a foundation to make sure the home is sturdy and durable. As you enter the next large building you visit, note that the grandiose structure you’re in was made possible by steel.

Steel is Used to Make Toys

When you watched your kids, nephews, nieces, and grandkids opening presents under the tree, did you see any toys made of steel?  Many toys rely on steel so they can endure many years of playing.

Next time you look at the world around you, you’ll know that the luxuries you enjoy are made possible by steel!  What’s your favorite item made of steel?  Let us know in the comments below!




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JD Fields Construction Group

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