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Effects of Corrosion on Steel Piling

Corrosion is a natural process that gradually destroys different metals and converts them to a more chemically-stable version. Unfortunately, what this means is that metals eventually get weaker and prone to breaking. Introducing piling that is not done right to any project can make corrosion more constant and therefore, more dangerous. This can damage your property, delay the construction process and, worse, cause injury on workers or civilians.

 Quality Steel Piling is Essential to Preventing Corrosion

That’s why most construction companies or suppliers will invest in preventing corrosion of the steel pilings that they use as a foundation of different structures, like bridges and buildings. Corrosion, for steel, is generally caused by electro chemical reaction that’s often facilitated by moisture. Through constant exposure, the metal loses an atom and weakens it. This is the change in color that you will often observe in areas where the soil has a high metal content.

There are different types of corrosion, such as corrosion caused by exposure to the soil, the marine environment, and the atmosphere. Typically, corrosion happens when the soil is disturbed because the steel is exposed to oxygen. Without that, there’s almost certainly no need for additional protection against corrosion.

For marine environments, what hastens corrosion is the constant exposure to salt, sand, and waves. That means that shore steel pipes have a shorter life span than those in the pier because the latter is protected by the harbor. However, the biggest contributor to corrosion in this environment is sea water and pollution. Lastly, atmospheric corrosion is generally low unless the steel pipes are constantly exposed to humidity and precipitation, especially if it’s close to a marine environment.

If steel piling is exposed to any of these environments, it would be smart to invest in protecting them before they are installed.  Many suppliers will take care of this for you.  Choosing a supplier with an extensive inventory of quality steel piling is step one.  If additional services are needed, a company that offers fabrication, coating, painting and galvanizing will ensure that you are protected and the integrity of your project preserved.



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JD Fields Construction Group

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