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(Eng) Lead Times For SSAB Plate Mills Increase

SSAB Americas boasts an annual steel capacity of more than 2.5 million between its two plants located in Montpelier, IA. and Mobile, AL. Unfortunately, lead times for some products have been pushed out up to 12 weeks, according to one official earlier in August. This would take lead times into the month of November.

ssab americas increase lead times on plate mill products

A spokesperson for SSAB Americas confirmed what the company is referring to as a planned maintenance outage running from late October into early November. End markets such as the energy and transportation industries have contributed to the increase in lead times in the domestic market. This is a result of demand remaining firm over the course of this year.

While this bodes well for the economic health of these trades, this development may force plate mills to revise and raise their prices sometime down the road. JD Fields will continue to monitor this story as it develops.



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