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Finding the Right Lot for Your Commercial Project

Starting your commercial project off on the right foot begins with finding the right property.  The land you choose will determine how well your project is carried out, from beginning to end.   Here are some key elements to look for when choosing the right lot for your commercial construction project.

Your Commercial Construction Project Starts At the Lot


Location is important for any construction project.  Finding a location that is located in the right area can mean many things for your project.  You should look into many aspects of the location.  Is this a supportive community?  Will the location yield results? Are the laws in your favor?  All of these are important factors to consider.


Make sure the land can be commercially zoned if you intend on selling it or running it as a commercial property.  Is there public access to the lot?  Are you close to any places that would resist you opening a business or give a new business trouble?


The layout of your land will have a great impact on your project.  Make sure you have a clear idea of what you are looking to achieve, and are able to pinpoint trouble spots before buying the land.  Be flexible with your design, but don’t sacrifice major important factors because the land you chose has major obstacles that will delay production.


If you aren’t building the property yourself, have your builder come and look at the land to assess it.  There are attributes which make building easier, and qualities in the land you should be looking for.  This could be anything from the type of soil to the elevation.

History of Land Ownership

Be aware of the history of your land. You should know if the land is susceptible to flooding or erosion.  You’ll be able to determine this if you know the history of ownership and the experience that previous owners have had with the land you’re looking into.

What do you look for when looking at commercial lots?  Let us know in the comments below!




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JD Fields Construction Group

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