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JD Fields Receives Verdict In Breach Of Contract Suit

After a saga lasting more than 3 years thanks in part to 8 docket calls and 2 continuances, JD Fields finally has some BIG numbers to celebrate.

In April of 2013, JD Fields filed a petition citing a breach of contract by T & R Pipeline Services, Inc. The dispute arose after the defendant received an order of steel pipe, but did not fully compensate JD Fields as a supplier. Fortunately, by the time the trail began, the damages suffered were slightly mitigated, as JD Fields was able to sell off approximately $400,000 worth of the pipe that T & R Pipeline Services was originally set to purchase. As a result, JD Fields was awarded $108,000 worth of damages.

However, attorney fees were an additional factor of concern. Steven Vangel, a partner at the Houston-based law firm Hill Rivkins, served as JD Fields’ attorney, and faced an uphill battle to convince the court to award these fees in the final verdict. During pre-trail jury selection, as many as 36 prospective jurors indicated that they felt attorneys were overly compensated.

Vangel successful argument eventually helped convince the jury of the time and effort required to over-prepare for a case such as this one, which warranted proper compensation. On July 31, 2014 the jury issued a verdict awarding $148,000 in legal fees. This decision was separate from the damages allotment, which came shortly afterward.

Today, JD Fields is grateful to Mr. Vangel, and excited to finally have a conclusion to this dispute.

UPDATE: As of November 20, 2014, a final verdict on dollars and damages has been reached, and T&R Pipeline has awarded over $300,000 pursuant to that verdict to JD Fields & Company, Inc.



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