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Link Found Between 2013/2014 Texas Earthquakes and Gas Production Process

A study released in April states that a slew of earthquakes recorded west of Fort Worth, Texas during an almost three-month period in 2013-2014 were caused by the surrounding natural gas wells, and wastewater injections occurring in the area. Scientists used real-time monitors to make the connection between the quakes and the drilling of natural gas.

The period when the earth quakes occurred was from November 2013 to January 2014. During this time 84 earthquakes were recorded. Scientists took note of the sudden seismic activity since there had not been an earthquake in that area for the last 150 years. The faults the area lies on also have not been active for hundreds of millions of years according to one scientist.

Scientists noticed that once the amount of injections decreased, so did the number of earthquakes. They concluded that the most likely cause of the sudden spur of earthquakes was the removal of saltwater from the natural gas wells that was then reinjected underground. This correlation, along with data from nearby wells and computer models to track any activity, provides evidence to the likelihood of the earthquakes being a direct result of the process to make gas.



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