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More Job Cuts for U.S Steel

It appears that with the current state of the steel industry, job cuts are inevitable – but we are seeing quite an influx of layoffs. Another major company has just joined the ranks of many others who are employing money-saving efforts by cutting back significantly where it makes the most sense in terms of operation and business. The latest steel company making job cuts is United States Steel Corp, and they are doing so at the company’s headquarters in Pittsburg.

The company has confirmed the cuts but has not yet given specific details about the number of workers that will see effects from the lay offs. The cuts come on the heels of the company’s announcement in August to permanently shut down U.S Steel Corp’s blast furnace and a major portion of flat-rolled operations at the plant in Fairfield, Alabama. The closure already affected 1,100 employees that work for U.S Steel Corp.

While we aren’t sure exactly how many more jobs are going to be cut, being laid-off isn’t the only concern for employees. U.S. Steel has proposed dramatic cut to benefits and healthcare for employees still working for the company



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