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New Oil Pipeline Project Announcements

JD Fields is proud to announce multiple new projects either breaking ground or in the final stages of completion. Our clients are always busy, and we’re honored to supply such innovative and exciting developments! See below for a comprehensive list of current and ongoing projects:

Permian Basin Projects

Plains All American

Three new pipelines and added pumping capacity to an existing pipeline.
First, an 80-mile, 20-inch new pipeline between Midland and Colorado City, Texas to connect carriers at Colorado City, including the BridgeTex pipeline; second, a 62-mile, 16- and 20-inch pipeline from the southern Midland Basin in Reagan and Upton counties, to the origin of Plains’ Cactus pipeline at McCamey, Texas; third, additional pumping capacity to an existing 20-inch pipeline from Jal, New Mexico, to Wink, Texas; and fourth, a new 40-mile, 12-inch pipeline from Monohans to Crane, Texas, to supply volumes to Magellan’s Longhorn pipeline as well as Cactus.


80-mile pipeline, 250,000 bpd
62-mile pipeline, 200,000 bpd
New Mexico to Wink pipeline, capacity increased to 240,000 bpd from 140,000 bpd
40-mile pipeline, 100,000 bpd.

Cost: $400 million to $500 million
Startup: In stages throughout 2014 and 2015

Westward Ho

Shell Pipeline

St. James, Louisiana to Houston


Initially 300,000 bpd, expandable to 900,000 bpd depending on shipper interest.

Startup: Third quarter of 2015, pending regulatory approvals.

Southern Access Extension


165-mile pipeline connecting Flanagan terminal near Pontiac, Illinois to the Patoka, Illinois oil hub


300,000 bpd

Cost: $800 million
Startup: Mid-2015; evaluating results of open season ended on Sept. 30, 2014.

Eastern Gulf Crude Access Pipeline (formerly Trunkline Conversion)

Energy Transfer Partners LP

Will convert and reverse a 30-inch natural gas pipeline to carry Bakken and Canadian crude from Patoka, Illinois to Boyce, Louisiana, for refinery markets along the Mississippi River and the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Pipeline spans 574 miles of converted natural gas pipeline and includes about 40 miles of new 30-inch pipeline from the Patoka hub to the northern end of the converted trunkline; results of open season ended Sept. 30, prompted the company to shelve plan to build 160 miles of new 30-inch pipeline from Boyce to the St. James, Louisiana, oil hub for lack of shipper interest. Still under consideration are other lateral connections for deliveries to refineries.


420,000 bpd

Cost: $1.5 billion
Startup: Late 2014 to early 2015; previous estimates had targeted startup for 2015.

Cactus pipeline

Plains All American

20-inch crude pipeline from McCarney Texas to Gardendale, Texas


Initially 200,000 bpd; adding pumping capacity to expand to 250,000 bpd.

Cost: $350 million to $375 million for initial capacity; expansion part of $400 million to $500 million investment in expansion as well as three other new Permian Basin pipelines.
Startup: Construction to start in first quarter 2014; startup in first quarter of 2015

Phase II Permian Express

Sunoco Logistics Partners

Midland, Garden City and Colorado City in West Texas, connecting to Sunoco and other pipelines that provide access to various markets and refineries in the Midcontinent and on the U.S. Gulf Coast.


200,000 bpd

Startup: Expected to be operational in second quarter 2015.

Granite Wash Extension Pipeline

Sunoco Logistics

Wheeler County Texas in the Texas Panhandle to Ringgold, Texas north of Fort Worth along the state line; will include about 200 miles of new pipeline, pump stations, tankage and truck unloading facilities to transport Granit Wash shale oil output to Sunoco, and third-party pipelines that transport crude to refineries in the Midcontinent and on the U.S. Gulf Coast.


70,000 bpd initially.

Startup: Fourth quarter of 2014.

Big Spring Gateway

Navigator Energy Services LLC, managed by Tenaska Capital

190 miles of new crude oil gathering and transmission pipelines in Howard, Martin, Mitchell, Borden and Glasscock counties in the Permian Basin in West Texas that connect to Big Spring and then to Colorado
City. From there crude can move on third-party systems to the Texas Gulf Coast and Longview, Texas.


75,000 bpd.

Startup: Fourth quarter of 2014

U.S. Mainline/Line 62 Expansion


Flanagan, Illinois to Griffith, Indiana


130,000 bpd to 235,000 bpd

Cost: $500 million
Startup: Mid-2015

Keystone XL, northern leg


Hardisty, Alberta, to Steele City, Nebraska


1,179-mile, 36-inch pipeline to be able to move 830,000 bpd; awaiting presidential permit from the U.S. State Department, ruling expected by spring 2014.

Cost: $5.3 billion
Startup: Two years after construction permits awarded.

Cornerstone Pipeline

MPLX LP subsidiary of Marathon Petroleum Corp

49-mile condensate pipeline to Marathon Petroleum’s 78,000 bpd refinery in Canton, Ohio, from Carroll and Harrison counties in the southeast part of the state.


25,000 bpd

Cost: $140 million
Startup: Evaluating right-of-way options, construction targeted to start early 2016 with startup by the end of that year.

Uinta Express Pipeline

Uinta Express Pipeline Co, subsidiary of Tesoro Corp

135-mile, 12-inch insulated pipeline connecting Utah’s Uinta Basin with Salt Lake City-area refineries. Waxy crude produced in the Uinta Basin must be kept at a higher temperature than other types of crude to
flow, so other pipelines in the area cannot move it. Output is currently transported via truck.


60,000 bpd

Startup: 2016, pending evaluation and reviews. Final environmental impact statement from the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest expected spring 2015.

JD Fields Construction Group

JD Fields Construction Group

Prior to founding J D Fields & Company, Jerry Fields gained decades of experience in construction products and piling applications managing equipment rentals, material sales, and product operations. Coupled with his oil and gas experience, Jerry built a rock solid foundation of industry knowledge and relationships that allowed him and his partners to start the company in 1985. Incorporated in Houston, Texas, JDF quickly diversified into multiple construction markets and applications. Today, it is a premiere international source for natural gas pipe and piling products. Strategically positioned at the Port of Houston corridor, our flagship stocking facility has 40 acres of laydown area with steel processing and fabrication capabilities. We carry more than 50,000 tons of pipe and piling inventory throughout the states to serve North America, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and other international markets.

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