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One Steel Company Expanding Despite State of Domestic Market

While most of the domestic producers in the steel industry has been facing cuts and shut downs to stay afloat, there is one company that is actually in the process of expanding operations. The company, Steel Services Inc. of Meridian, MS will be adding more space to its already existing plant as well as anywhere from 15 to 20 new employees.

The expansion is expected to cost around $2 million and 63,000 square feet will be added to the plant’s original building which has been in operation since 1975 when Steel Services Inc. started business. The addition is in response to a surplus of orders on back-log for steel beams and girders.

Once the new space has been added, the company will have almost 1 million square feet of operational buildings between the 6 plants owned throughout the city. Having so much extra space will increase the amount of product the company will put out weekly – the president, Tommy Dulaney, is predicting between 700 and 1,000 tons of steel that is pre-fabricated each week.

The project to add more space is expected to be completed by October or November of 2016. Workers will be much less crowded with the addition, making room for even more employees.



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