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Onshore Pipe Projections Positive Through 2015

In the wake of the downturn in developed economies across the world in 2012, demand for energy infrastructure as well as available credit lines both took a negative hit. However, at least one recent projection pegs both of these as rising, and continuing to do so throughout the next year.

Growth abroad, mainly in developing Asian countries, has brought demand for new projects back up to historic levels. Here in North America, renewed interest in alternative energy sources like shale gas and oil sands will prove to lead to new investments in new markets as the industry shifts their focus to less traditional sites. Even Europe is getting in on the act, in the hopes of achieving more energy independence.

All this means a large increase in onshore pipeline, with most projects concentrating on gas pipelines. According to The World Onshore Pipelines Report published by Douglas-Westwood, $193 billion is dedicated to these projects through 2015. There is some room for error here, some projects might be cancelled, while others will most likely crop up, but the data shows that there is an upward trend to be seen in comparison to earlier this decade.

JD Fields sees these developments as proof that heavy interest and investments will be paid toward onshore pipelines in the coming calendar year.



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