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Below grade Foundation

Conventional underground foundations have design, construction, and operational factors that at grade methods do not. These costly variables have made traditional below gradestructures more than two times that of at grade.

Case Studies
CS Car Park – Germany
CS DFI 2008 – Up Down Construction using SSP in Below Grade Foundations
CS SEAOCC 2008 – High Rise Dev. with Permannet SSP Foundation

White Papers
WP DFI – Permanent Sheet Pile Basement with Wall Up Down Method
WP DFI – Permanent Sheet Pile Deep Basement Wall
WP Hydraulic Resistance of Steel Sheet Pile Joints
WP NBS 127 – Steel Pile Corrosion Research

BU Design of Steel Intensive Basements
BU 2005 LEED Steel Contributions
BU Piledriver Article 2007 Q4


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