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Production and Eagle Ford Shale Still Booming

Despite Eagle Ford shale wells normally reducing oil production between 60 and 70%, there is still oil gushing from the South Texas basin. The unusual surge can be accredited to more sophisticated rigs and more efficient drilling methods.

The methods, which include horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, allow for more gas and oil particles to be freed from dense rock formations, resulting in the abundance of oil still spewing from the basin.

“If you look at the rig count and the speed of drilling, those have remained stable,” Sam Gorgen, EIA operations research analyst, said in an interview with Fuel Fix. “(Producers) aren’t drilling more wells, they are drilling better wells. Higher producing wells.”

To find wells with higher productions of gas and oil, drillers are using seismic and geological data more to accurately pinpoint the best location for in the well to conduct a hydraulic fracture. This allows for a steep reduction in how many fractures need to be conducted.

Other companies are looking to the Eagle Ford Shale in order to figure out how to more accurately and efficiently extract oil.



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