Pipe Pile

Structural pipe piling produces both end bearing and skin friction value. Standard diameters range from 9″ to over 100″, with wall thicknesses reaching 2″. Depending on the diameter, the production process varies from spiral produced, to straight seam and seamless. They come in a variety of coil material grades and can be made to specific project lengths. Pipe piles are easily spliced in the field, and the wall thickness can be altered for savings depending in the application. This makes pipe on e of the most versatile and readily available construction products.

In addition to deep foundation systems and marine foundations, pipe piles are used for internal bracing/struts, and primary beam elements for high modulus walls. To view the complete range of structural pipe that JD Fields has to offer, please click on the links below.

Straight Seam Pipe Product Table

Spiral Weld Pipe Product Table


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