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Among the two processes from which steel sheet piling is produced; hot rolled and cold formed, there are certain design aspects that may or may not be suitable for all geostructural applications.

JD Fields offers a wide range of cold form sheet piles and hot rolled sheet piles in Hat, U & Z shapes that span a broad geostructural spectrum. There are both technical and econmoical pros and cons to the products and intended use. It is our goal to help engineering and construction professionals navigate the technical nuances of cold form and hot rolled piles through the design, specification, and installation processes.

Our inventory also includes large quantities of galvanized steel sheet. Galvanized steel is utilized in products at risk for corrosion due to exposure to oxygen, water, or other metals. JD Fields is also a distributor for high quality Hoesch sheet pile.

To learn more about the complete range of steel sheet pile products JD Fields has to offer, please click on the links below.

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