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Refurbishing Steel Pipe

Steel is a very durable metal even when used in the most extreme of environments. That’s why it’s the first choice for most projects that require enduring raw materials — such as deep sea drilling, docks, bridges and even ships. Wherever they are used, whether commercially or just at home, there are different ways to bring it back closer to its pristine self.

Refurbishing Steel Pipe for Your Upcoming Projects

Refurbishing steel pipe is very helpful if you’re working under a budget and an exciting project if you enjoy being handy. To help you with this task, here are few ways to refurbish steel pipe.  Keep in mind, you should never use this on a major project unless done by a trusted professional.

Clean it up.

Depending on how old and damaged it is and how much access you have to it, you can start by scraping it clean. This first step is important, so you don’t paint over lumps or miss holes that you need to cover.

You need to get rid of rust and old paint using a hard bristled wire brush. If you have a lot of steel pipes to clean, make sure you have a few of brushes ready because they tend to snap. Remove the unwanted flakes one section at a time. That way you won’t miss anything.

Once that’s done, you can hose the pipes down and wash them with soap. Be sure to dry each pipe completely after all the grime and dirt are off.

Prime it

Steel is smooth metal, therefore paint will have a hard time completely sticking to it. To make sure the paint is locked in, you have to prime the surfaces of the pipes first. This is how you make sure that the paint that you coat them with will last for a long time.

Primers are usually available in any hardware store, and it comes in difference can sizes. Pick one that covers all the pipes you have. You can prime them using any type of paintbrush.

Paint it.

Steel is an inherently enduring metal. However, to preserve for a longer period of time, you can apply a few coats of paint over it. The paint protects it from the elements, especially if the steel pipes are constantly exposed to heat or moisture.

All you have to do is wait for the primer to dry, then you can go over it with a finish paint. If your steel pipes are a lot smaller, you can use spray cans. Otherwise, any paintbrush will do to apply  it.

Steel is a durable metal, which makes it a prime candidate for refurbishing.  Follow these tips and try your hand at refurbishing steel pipe!






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JD Fields Construction Group

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