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What to Look For When Buying Steel Pipe

Since steel pipes are used in a wide variety of industries, there are many types available for you to choose from. You may think that buying what you need is relatively easy, but there are a lot of considerations you have to make other than the how long you want the pipe to be. There are specific nuances that you have to look at when getting your steel pipework.  Your steel pipe suppliers should be able to inform you, but if you’re new to the buying process, understanding the basics is recommended.

 Steel Pipe Suppliers Reveal What to Look For in Steel Pipe

To help you in this process, here are some of the things that you have to consider and look for when you purchase steel pipes.

  • Length

This is the first thing you’re going to request when working on a specific project. Before getting steel pipes, you’ll have measured the area where you need them to go, or you’ll know from previous projects which length you’ll need. The exact length will make the installation process easier for you or whoever is installing. Don’t waste money or your effort by buying a steel pipe before measuring where it should go.

  • Size

Another important thing to measure when getting a steel pipe is its diameter. Any pipe below 14 inches is measured by its inside diameter. When it goes above that, you’re measuring the outside diameter. This makes the measuring process for bigger piper easier. Do not try to fit pipes with different diameters with each other because it won’t work. That’s why before buying anything, make sure you have the right measurements.

  • Grade

Each grade has different features. There are two main grades of steel, one graded based on its mechanical properties and the other based on chemical make-up. Under them are more subgroups that are labeled different letters.

They correspond to which projects these grades of steel are most suitable for. If you do not research this or ask about its differences, you’ll end with the wrong grade of steel that would either not last as long or just would not fit the project at all.

  • Seamless Versus Welded

The last thing you have to look at is whether you’d prefer a seamless or welded steel pipe. The latter is more affordable and readily available. The former is more durable, lessening the possibility of weak spots, and more aesthetically pleasing.  However, developments lately have strengthened the durability of welded pipe.  You can look up the advantages and disadvantages of each to make sure you get the most value for your steel pipes.



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