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Steel Sheet Piling Wall Comparision – Earth retention (Case Study)

Cost and performance

Time and money – the two factors that drive most business decisions. You can find a retaining wall system that delivers on both fronts, and results in a strong and permanent retaining solution. A recent comparison study concludes that hot-rolled steel sheet piling can provide the fastest construction time as well as significant cost savings over competing wall systems.
Evaluating the various retaining wall systems for specific project requirements can be complicated and time consuming.

Earth Retention Steel Sheet Piling

The steel sheet piling installation has the shortest construction duration overall, and can provide up to a 60% cost savings over other retaining walls.

From their decision-making matrix, the Federal Highway Administration concludes that for permanent retaining wall structures, cost and speed of construction are typically among the most important wall selection factors areas where steel sheet piling excels.
In addition to economy, hot-rolled steel sheet piling offers a readily available, environmentally-friendly solution for retaining structures, providing excellent stability and ease of construction in both permanent an temporary applications.
The following document present the results of the study cited above, comparing six retaining wall types in a typical permanent application. Each retaining wall system was structurally designed to meet the proposed project requirements. For the resulting wall, corresponding material and construction costs, as well as time to construct, were developed based on national average cost data. The results show that the steel sheet piling installation has the shortest construction duration overall, and can provide up to a 60% cost savings over other retaining walls.

A retaining wall system comparision

The study considered a one-hundred-foot long retaining wall with a nineteen-foot exposed wall height, used to retain dense fine sand in an area with no water table. Although not generally required for steel sheet pile installation, the study assumed the walls were built in a cut situation with available space for open excavation. In applications where the steel sheet pile can be driven directly into the soil with- out excavation, the savings in cost and construction time would be even greater than shown below . Six retaining wall types were designed based on these basic design requirements, then costs and time to construct the resulting designs were prepared.

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