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Steel Vs Copper: Which Metal Is Right For My Project?

Steel and copper are both considered high-end metals. They’re used for their longevity, healthy appearance, and overall strength in a variety of outdoor and industrial projects.

Steel and copper are surprisingly similar in quality, which can make it challenging to determine whether copper or steel should be used for your project. However, these high-quality metals do have their differences, which should be taken into consideration prior to making your choice.

The pros and cons of steel

There’s a reason why Superman is called the Man of Steel and not the Man of Copper. Steel is capable of maintaining its color and shine while remaining relatively indestructible when it comes to the elements.

Steel is also easy to install and has a high resistance to rust and tarnishing. This is especially important for building projects that require optimal strength and stiffness. In fact, steel is also more durable than copper which is why steel suppliers are often the favorite of many in the engineering and construction industries.

However, steel can have a colder look than copper, which can make it less aesthetically pleasing for some project developers. Steel can also be dented by extreme force. Although it should be noted that carbon steel has a tensile strength as high as 580 Mpa.

Copper VS Steel – The pros and cons

Copper can last for decades and has the highest thermal conductivity compared to other engineering materials. Copper is also more resistant to rust than steel, which can make it a good option for outdoor projects.

However, copper isn’t as strong as steel and is also highly reactive to certain substances. Copper is also the more expensive option compared to steel, which can be problematic depending on the size of the project you’re working on.

Steel is often the go-to choice of metal for many in the construction and engineering industries. In fact, over 1,600 million tonnes of steel were produced by the entire world in 2016 alone.

Whether you’re in need of steel sheet piling or cold rolled steel for your next construction project, the steel suppliers of JD Fields have you covered. For more information on our cold roll steel prices, contact JD Fields today.

JD Fields Construction Group

JD Fields Construction Group

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