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Tennessee Steel Company Files for Additional Storage Space

While most companies a part of the steel industry are making moves to downsize – which includes factory shutdowns and massive job cuts – there are a few businesses that are still thriving. Morgan Steel, a company located in Memphis, Tennessee that’s primary objective is selling carbon structural steel to various manufacturing companies within 250 miles, is currently seeking to double its warehouse space.

The additional warehouse space is needed to house the commercial and residential steel inventory that will eventually be sold to manufacturers throughout the United States. The stock of steel is also being housed in order to prevent any weather-related damage from occurring to any of Morgan Steel’s products.

Currently, the company is having to store their inventory outside of their existing warehouse. The additional storage space will be added to 43,000 square feet warehouse that is already on Morgan Steel’s property. The steel manufacturer has filed for two construction permits to build the extra space which values total $800,000 and will equate to 40,000 more square feet of space for storage.

While Morgan Steel and Morgan Trucking only employ around 50 people, seeing that not all jobs in the steel industry are in jeopardy is a refreshing change of pace.

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JD Fields Construction Group

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