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Three Reasons to Choose Cold-Formed Sheet Piling

Nearly half of all of the American steel shipments made in 2016 were made to the construction industry. With approximately 43% of these steel shipments going to construction, the need for quality steel suppliers is only going to increase as time goes on. Sheet piling is an essential part of the construction industry; the product is utilized as a support in hundreds of different applications, all of which exponentially improve with the addition of these steel sheet pilings. With the popularity of these supports, there are a few different ways to manufacture the steel pilings.

There is quite a debate over hot formed and cold formed sheet piling, as there are various pros and cons to the use of each type of piling. But since cold-formed piling is relatively new, only being created in the late 70s, it is somewhat less popular than its hot-formed counterpart. Let’s discuss three of the reasons that cold-formed piling is such exceptional support in the construction industry, and why it should be considered just as often as hot-formed piling.

Cold-Formed is Interchangeable

There are certain standards of design for cold-formed piles, and while these standards limit the shapes and patterns that cold-formed piles are manufactured in, it means that cold-formed steel is much easier to universally match and change within the support structure. There’s no need to buy every piece of cold-formed from the same manufacturer, unlike hot-formed, which can vary between manufacturers. Cold-formed piles can be removed and replaced with a new pile, without having to struggle through the process of taking measurements or discovering that the new pile doesn’t fit.

Lower Cost

Cold-formed piles typically cost less than hot-formed. That’s because the cold-formed piles are able to be manufactured with less labor and at a more efficient rate. A lower production cost means lower price point and the money saved can go towards other aspects of the project or into bigger projects. A lower cost can also help out your customers, and they may be so thrilled with the project coming in under budget that they seek to book your company again in the future.

It’s Easier to Get Exact Lengths

If you need any type of customization in your sheet piling, cold-formed is the steel to buy. The manufacturing process makes it much easier to form sheets according to exact specifications, meaning your construction company will waste less time fussing with hot-formed steel and more time working on the project. Cold-formed customization makes it easier for companies to build their support systems safely and efficiently, and at a generally lower cost, even when customization is necessary.

Cold-formed sheets have a host of benefits to the construction industry, despite being relatively new on the market. If your project meets any of the criteria discussed above, considering cold-formed steel is worth the time. The benefits to cold-formed sheets outweigh the unknowns about the product, and may even become a new favorite among your construction company.

JD Fields Construction Group

JD Fields Construction Group

Prior to founding J D Fields & Company, Jerry Fields gained decades of experience in construction products and piling applications managing equipment rentals, material sales, and product operations. Coupled with his oil and gas experience, Jerry built a rock solid foundation of industry knowledge and relationships that allowed him and his partners to start the company in 1985. Incorporated in Houston, Texas, JDF quickly diversified into multiple construction markets and applications. Today, it is a premiere international source for natural gas pipe and piling products. Strategically positioned at the Port of Houston corridor, our flagship stocking facility has 40 acres of laydown area with steel processing and fabrication capabilities. We carry more than 50,000 tons of pipe and piling inventory throughout the states to serve North America, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and other international markets.

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