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Truckers Wanted

According to estimates, there are currently 30,000 less truck drivers available than shipping companies need. This shortage of laborers could lead to increased costs across many industries.

A serious shortage exists in the trucking vertical. It’s not a shortage of freight or equipment; it’s a shortage of men and women qualified to drive these enormous machines.
Currently, there is a truck driver shortage of approximately 20,000 drivers per year. This number is expected to increase to 111,000 drivers per year by the end of 2014. The trucker shortage is a result of basic economics – the demand for professional truck drivers is growing faster than the number of new drivers entering the field.

The industry is desperate for new drivers. There are even massive incentives being offered, including signing bonuses, healthcare, and tuition reimbursement. If you received your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) today, it’s almost certain there would be a job available to you, tomorrow.



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