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U.S. Steel Corp. Makes Cuts in Alabama

Due to the steel market losing strength and the competition created by expensive imported products, steelmakers in America are having to make cuts to save money and reduce expenses. One of those companies is U.S. Steel Corp, based in Pittsburg. In wake of the industry’s status, U.S. Steel has announced that they will be shutting down the company’s blast furnace and some steel finishing operations in Alabama.
This cut is in direct response to that state of the steel market. In order for a company to currently survive it must save money and adapt to the new industry – which is experiencing one of the most difficult times recently recalled.
“In particular, China has repeatedly violated international trade rules to bolster its state-owned industry while dumping its products into our market. And American workers have already paid the price,” said Leo Gerard president of the United States Steelworkers Union – which represents U.S. Steel – in an article in the Wall Street Journal.
Closing the blast furnace and reducing steel finishing operations in Alabama will reduce the site’s jobs from about 2,000 to 1,100, though this is a move others in the industry saw coming. U.S. Steel has been building an electric arc furnace on the Alabama site, which requires fewer workers to operate.



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