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What Equipment Do I Need To Assemble A Metal Building?

sheet pilingEvery industrial construction project is different and has its own needs. It’s for this reason that it’s always a good idea to take inventory of what tools and machines you need before you start on a project.

If you’re just getting started on constructing a metal building, it may be in your best interest to go through your company closets to see what you need. Here’s a good list of tools you might need to help get you started:

What do I need for unloading and storage?

You’ll need more than your biceps to get the tools you need off the truck when it arrives at the construction site. Fortunately, you can unload your tools with three pieces of equipment including:


    1. Forklifts. The bundles you’re using aren’t light, which is why a forklift along with nylon band slings will be necessary to transport each one off the truck and into place. It’s crucial that you’re not using wire rope slings with your forklift because it can damage the metal.
    2. Blocking. You’ll want to use blocking materials to protect the splice plates and slab from damage while you’re unloading the truck. They provide a lift for the materials so you’re able to slide slings around them.
    3. Coverings. Coverings can come in handy when it isn’t possible to place your materials under a roof.



What do I need for construction?

Compared to the unloading and storage part of the process, there are a variety of tools you’ll need during the assembly of your metal building. You may not need all the tools on the list and, on other projects, you may need more.

That said, here’s a generalized list of construction tools you might need to assemble a metal building:


    • Screw guns


    • Hammers


    • Pliers


    • Pry bars


    • Pipe wrenches


    • Vise-grips


    • Pliers


    • Punches


    • Spud wrenches or large screwdrivers


    • Cordless drills


    • A long level


    • Ladders


    • Channel locks


    • Tape measures


    • Impact or power wrenches


    • Electrical metal cutters


    • Load binders


    • Utility knives


    • Plenty of steel


    • Rivet guns


    • Tin snips


    • Roto-hammers


    • Socket wrenches


    • Bull pins


    • Tarps


    • Crescent wrenches


    • Rope


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It’s no secret that steel is a hot commodity. In fact, the production of raw steel in the U.S. in February 2018 was 1,751,000 net tons. That’s a lot of metal and all of it gets used in projects like yours.

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