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What is Sheet Pile And How Is It Used?

Sheet pile is used in construction for earth retention and excavation support. Sheet piling is crafted from steel to give it the durable reliability that delivers unmatched support. Steel is the preferred material for sheet pile.

Over 82 million tons of steel was created in the US in 2017 with a high percentage used in the construction industry. Sheet pile, pipe pile, and more are constructed from steel and used in the building and construction industry.

The Design of Steel Sheet Pile

Steel sheet pile are sheets with interlocking bottoms and tops. They are designed to be driven below the soil line for retention. The design of these interlocking sheets adds to the strength and durability.

What Are They Used For?

There is a range of projects where sheet pile is the right selection including coffer dams, sea walls, parking garages, basements, land reclamation, retaining walls, basements, and other underground structures.

They can be used where other options cannot like in marine applications. The steel structure is virtually impervious to environmental exposure. They will stand the test of time even in the most austere conditions.

How Are They Applied

These sheets are driven into the ground. Friction between the soil and the sheet helps to keep the sheet in place. They are cost-effective and easy to install. They can be used without having to add other support structures.

The Conditions

While the sheet pilings are an excellent option for support there are some conditions to consider:

  • Is there a permanent need or a temporary need?
  • What type of flexibility is needed?
  • The type of structure and the soil composition

If this is a temporary structure while you can use steel sheet pile and steel sheet pile joints but you may want to consider something less permanent. Sheet piling is not very flexible, once it is in it is pretty much not moving anywhere. If you need a material that has more give, the steel sheet pile is not the solution.

Soil Composition

This solution can work great with just about any type of soil composition from sandy loom to rocky clay soils. In cases, where other options simply cannot stand up to the pressure sheet pile can.


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