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What You Need To Know About Steel

Metal and steel have been a major resource for engineering, railroad, water dams, marinas. and construction projects for decades. This industry has grown over the past century and has increased the economic trades for steel production across the globe. Over 142,000 people are currently employed within this particular market, with the U.S. positioned as one of the leading steel production manufacturers in the world. If you work in a steel-related industry, however, your bottom line is essential to your own success. Knowing where you can find the best deals, understanding the different types of steel available to you, and the right supplier is all you need to get started.


Cold formed sheet piling has been manufactured and used for several decades in permanent and temporary structures. A steel sheet pile will be formed with a continuous process into the shape required for the job. Examples of these configurations are dykes, cofferdams, river embankments, and waterfront buildings with its main applications being small retaining walls or anchor walls. These can be quickly and easily placed using standard driving methods and equipment.


A cold rolled steel sheet is created differently, makes for sooner delivery on inventory, and allows for more production to go out the door quicker — thus producing more revenue. The difference between cold formed sheet piling and cold rolled steel sheets is the interlock. This can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer; if you are using multiple steel suppliers, you may need to create a transitional piece to connect the two. However, the cold formed sheet piling have similar sizes and will interlock, no matter who the steel supplier is.


When it comes to pricing these steel structures, this can vary as well depending on what you order and how it is made. The cold formed sheet piling design is cheaper to create and more flexible when it comes to how they are used. These items are also much easier to source out as well as giving you more options in how you want your sheets positioned for the job that needs to be done. You just need to contact a globally industrial steel sheet piling company to determine the best options for your structure.

JD Fields Construction Group

JD Fields Construction Group

Prior to founding J D Fields & Company, Jerry Fields gained decades of experience in construction products and piling applications managing equipment rentals, material sales, and product operations. Coupled with his oil and gas experience, Jerry built a rock solid foundation of industry knowledge and relationships that allowed him and his partners to start the company in 1985. Incorporated in Houston, Texas, JDF quickly diversified into multiple construction markets and applications. Today, it is a premiere international source for natural gas pipe and piling products. Strategically positioned at the Port of Houston corridor, our flagship stocking facility has 40 acres of laydown area with steel processing and fabrication capabilities. We carry more than 50,000 tons of pipe and piling inventory throughout the states to serve North America, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and other international markets.

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