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What Wide Flange Beams Are Used For

There are different types of steel beams, each with their own popular use. One of the most commonly used are the wide flange beams. They are must for most construction projects, including bridges, residential homes, commercial building and other structures.

What You Should Know About Wide Flange Beams

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What makes these distinct from other types of beams is the look. It resembles the letters “I”. Others would say an “H” depending on the perspective. Regardless, a wide flange beam has two parallel units (called flanges) that are connected by a central web. Compared to a standard beam — which has smaller flanges, the wide flange beam’s flanges almost equal the size of the web.

To find out more about these beams, here are some of its most commons uses.

Supports a Wider Structure

Because of its wider flanges, builders are able to distribute the weight of the structure over a wider area. That allows the beams to support a heavier, bigger and wider building compared to the standard one.

With a beam able to support a wider structure, builders can create a big home with all the bells and whistles without risking any accident or the beam weakening as the building process continues.

Effective Transportation and Construction

If you want it done fast and efficiently, use these wide flange beams as the structure for your building. They’re easy to transport and construct because they’re a lot lighter than a standard beam. Despite its lightness, it’s still able to carry more weight.

This is perfect for offshore or international construction that requires you to ship these beams off to where they need to go. It’s also easier for your team to carry them and install them into the structure.

Variety Gives Builders Options

There are so many types and length that these beams come in that builders have the choice of which to use. They can use it for almost any structure with varying designs — from ambitious buildings to small, residential homes. These are sometimes even used to build big pieces of machinery for industrial use and frames for vehicles like trucks. If you’re thinking about building a home, you should ask your contractors to look into this beam. You won’t regret it.

While there are many types of beams, wide flanged beams are most known for their sturdy quality and ability to hold up larger and heavier buildings. Its “H” design allows it to distribute weight without compromising the structure of the property.


Different Types of Beams

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