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Why Can’t You Use Hot Rolled Steel For Every Construction Project?

steel sheet pilingIn 2017, the U.S. produced approximately 82 million metric tons of steel for industries such as construction, aviation, shipbuilding, and more. Contractors may opt for hot rolled steel sheets for some projects and cold rolled steel sheets for others.


But, if the differences between hot rolled and cold rolled steel sheet piling are largely based on how the metals are processed in the mill, why is it not recommended to use hot rolled steel sheet piling for every type of construction project?


Cold rolled steel sheets are easier to work with


Hot rolled steel is steel that’s rolled at a temperature over 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit (steel’s recrystallization temperature). This means it can be shaped without a lot of elbow grease.


But, hot rolled steel bar products that are used for I-beams and railroad tracks isn’t the same as hot rolled steel sheets. Hot rolled steel bar products are easier to work with compared to cold rolled steel bar products, which have gone through a cold reduction mill complete with annealing and tempers rolling.


However, cold rolled steel sheets are easier to work with compared to hot rolled steel sheets. This is because cold rolled sheets have a lower carbon content because of the annealing process, which helps to make the sheets softer.


Cold rolled steel is preferred for construction projects


Hot rolled steel isn’t the preferred steel for construction projects because it isn’t as easily malleable. In construction projects, you need very specific shapes and tolerances.


Hot rolled steel can’t supply contractors with those things, which is why it’s most often used in areas where precise shape and tolerances aren’t necessary. Cold rolled steel is preferred for construction projects because its straightness and surface condition are critical for the job.


Looking for steel sheet piling for your project?


It’s no secret steel is one of the most versatile and useful materials on Earth. In fact, up to 43% of all American steel shipments in 2016 alone were made to the construction industry for a variety of projects.


If you’re looking for cold rolled steel sheet piling for your own project, JD Fields is the steel supplier you need for the cold rolled steel sheets you want. To learn more about our cold rolled steel prices, contact JD Fields today.

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JD Fields Construction Group

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