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Why Coating Sheet Pile Makes All the Difference

Coating sheet pile makes all the difference in any construction project where sheet pile is going to be used. Why does this extra step matter so much, and how can you make sure that you’re using coated sheet pile for your next building project?

What is Sheet Pile?

Sheet pile is a very specific building material often used to erect fences, buildings, and other types of structures, such as a retaining wall. It’s most recognizable for its distinct, interlocking design. Because of this design, sheet piling can be placed directly into the ground, upright, without the need of a foundation or any additional support. The design of sheet pile makes it extremely strong and resilient, which is why this material is often used for retaining walls and other structures that need to be very secure. Usually, sheet pile is made of steel. However, it may be made of reinforced concrete or even wood.

What Coating Sheet Pile Does

The coating adds extra corrosion-resistance to sheet pile, which makes it even tougher and more durable. Coating sheet pile makes this material highly resistant to weather and wear. Over time, almost all materials are subject to corrosion. Small holes, cracks, and other damage will appear in even the strongest materials after enough exposure to sun, wind, rain, and ice. Coating sheet pile helps to prevent this corrosion and wear, ensuring that the material stands firm against Mother Nature for many more years than uncoated sheet pile material.

Even the best sheet pile can be subject to corrosion and wear over time without the coating processed. Even cold rolled steel, which is well-known as being a highly tough material, will corrode over time when it’s exposed to the elements long enough. Coating sheet pile adds longevity to any building project.

Why You Need Coated Sheet Pile

Carbon steels, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel are the four most common metals used in the construction industry in the U.S. All of these metals may be used to make sheet pile. Coating sheet pile ensures that no matter what was originally used to create it, the sheet pile you use in your next project will withstand the test of time — and everything that nature may choose to dish out during that time.

Coating sheet pile is often an essential step in creating structural pipe piling that’s going to be used in public works construction projects, as well as other large-scale building projects. Sheet piling companies typically provide coating sheet pile services. Before you purchase any sheet pile, ask if it has been coated and how much that process will cost to have all your sheet pile coated before you build. Because after all, extra durability and long-lasting strength against the worst of what nature has to offer is well worth the extra time and money it costs to find a company that provides coating sheet pile services.


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