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Why Not Copper? A Look Into Why Copper Isn’t Your Best Engineering Material

steel sheet pileSteel is the most popular material when it comes to engineering and manufacturing companies. It’s strong and mostly rust-resistant, which makes it an optimal choice.

But copper is also rust-resistant and, unlike steel, has more visual appeal. So why is it that copper is often left on the sidelines when it comes to choosing a material for engineering and architectural projects?

Why don’t more people use copper?

If there’s one thing copper is known for, it’s its aesthetic. Copper has warm tones, which makes it a good choice for roofs on certain vintage homes.

But why don’t more people use copper to build homes and other structures? As a high-end metal that’s resistant to rust, it’s a decent material choice.

Unfortunately, when it comes to developing and constructing projects ‘decent’ doesn’t cut it. Copper is not only expensive, which creates a problem for certain project budgets, but it’s also not that strong.

Copper is also more reactive to other substances, which makes it a questionable choice when it comes to choosing a material to use for structural support.

Why is steel a better choice than copper?

Copper is a high-end metal, but that doesn’t mean it ought to be used for the construction of buildings and manufacturing equipment.

Steel is a popular choice in a variety of industries because it’s a versatile material with a high resistance to rust and tarnishing. It’s easy to install and is incredibly durable.

In fact, steel’s durability is one of the key reasons why it’s used more often than copper in certain applications. Unlike copper, steel is capable of withstanding not only harsh weather but also intense pressure.

Although steel can be dented under extreme force, it doesn’t stop steel from being the material you would want to develop a building capable of being hurricane-resistant.

Where can I find steel suppliers near me?

It’s no secret steel is the optimal choice when it comes to building materials. The U.S. produced 82 million metric tons of steel in 2017 alone. And 43% of all Americans steel shipments in the U.S. were made to the construction industry in 2016.

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